Penumbra PC is a part of Penumbra Group Inc. We aim to bring technology out of the shadows for Kitsap and beyond.

A long time ago we realized that the pace of technology is increasing every day so we had to make a deliberate effort keep up, and then we realized that we could help other people keep up as well.

Our goal is to make sure Kitsap is not outpaced by the rest of the greater Seattle area as Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, and others continue to push the limits.


We provide a wide range of technology related services for commercial and residential customers:

Web Design and Web Hosting

Computer Parts and Repair

Computer Design and Sourcing

On-Site Installations and Business Solutions

Wireless Network Design and Installation

Network Security Hardware

Game and Application Development

Physical and Virtual Server Hosting

Cost Benefit Analysis and Return On Investment Analysis

Engineered Technology Implementation Consulting


Established in 2014 as a part of Penumbra Productions, we originally just sourced bulk priced parts to keep up with the growing needs of digital production.

After we learned that there’s not really any money in the Kitsap area doing media production we went back to the field of engineering and data centers for several years.

After seeing how many engineering and technology problems there were in the area that weren’t being met by people who could solve them, we got into field tech engineering. More or less a traveling techie for hire.

This grew as we got more and more direct customers who loved our work and our level of knowledge until we were forced to create a fully functional corporation; Penumbra Group Inc.

We are members of BNI – Olympic Business Exchange chapter – and a member of the Silverdale Chamber of Commerce.

In 2017 we also won “Best of Bremerton” by the central Kitsap Reporter.